Zanzibar local guide

About Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, an autonomous region of the Republic of Tanzania. The archipelago consists in many small islands and two bigger ones, Unguja (Zanzibar) and Pemba.
The capital city is Zanzibar City, on the Unguja island. The main island is located at approximately 25-50 kilometers away from the mainland. The main island has a population of over 1,5 million citizens.
Zanzibar is well known around the world for spice production (nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper) and also is a popular destination for tourists around the world.
Zanzibar is also well known for the fact that Queen vocalist, Freddy Mercury was born on this island.
Zanzibar local guide

Weather in Zanzibar

Weather in Zanzibar is very favorable. The temperatures are very high over the year. From December to March you will get the highest temperatures, over 33 degrees Celsius (90F). Sometimes in this timeframe, you can get temperatures even over 36 degrees Celsius (100F). Rainy season starts in the second half of March and lasts until the second half of April. Except the rainy season, you will get very low precipitations. The Ocean temperature over the year is perfect for swimming having an average temperature of 27-28 degrees Celsius.
Month Min (°C) Max (°C) Mean (°C) Min (°F) Max (°F) Mean (°F)
January 25 33 28.8 76 91 83.8
February 25 33 28.8 76 92 83.9
March 25 33 28.8 77 91 83.8
April 25 31 27.8 76 88 82
May 24 30 26.9 75 86 80.5
June 23 29 26.3 74 85 79.3
July 22 29 25.7 72 84 78.3
August 22 30 25.6 71 85 78
September 21 30 25.9 70 87 78.5
October 22 31 26.8 72 88 80.2
November 23 31 27.2 74 88 81
December 24 32 28.2 76 90 82.7
Year 23.4 31 27.15 74.2 87.7 81

Obtaining a Visa to enter Zanzibar is very simple. You don`t need to apply before arrival. Just pay $50 (US) to the custom officer, and you will get your visa.


You can travel around in Zanzibar using taxis, the local Dalla-Dalla (a small bus) or private car. We recommend using our approved taxis.


The official currency in Zanzibar is Tanzanian Shilling. You can also use US Dollar. Almost every location is accepting US Dollar.

Business Hours

In Zanzibar, business hours are from are generally from 08:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday. Timezone is UTC +03:00

Public Health

It is recommended to have a comprehensive medical insurance on your arrival. Several Hospitals are available on the island. The risk of exotic diseases is considered very low.


Weather in Zanzibar is excellend 90% of the time. The average temperature is +30 degrees (celcius). The rainy season last only for a ca. 1 month.

Zanzibar City
Zanzibar City

The biggest city in Zanzibar with a population of over 200.000, is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, rich in history with gorgeous buildings built in traditional fashion. The city is also the capital of the autonomous region Zanzibar.

Stone Town
Stone Town

A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, Stone town is the main attraction in Zanzibar City. The architecture dates back to 19th century, and reflects the diverse influences underlying the Swahili culture, giving a unique mixture of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements.

The Old Fort
The Old Fort

The Old Fort, is the oldest building in Zanzibar. It was previously known as the Arab Fort. Is a fortification located in Stone Town. It is near other important buildings from Zanzibar, like House of Wonders and Forodhani Gardens.

Zanzibar local guide

House of Wonders

House of Wonders, is a important building in Zanzibar. It is also called Palace of Wonders and it is the largest and tallest building from Stone Town. You can find the building between the Old Fort and the Palace Museum. Barghash bin Said, one of the Sultans of Zanzibar, has build the Palace of Wonders on the site of Palace of Queen Fatuma. It has a permanent exposition of the Swahili culture. In the courtyard you can find traditional Zanzibarian ships, ceremonial kangas and also portraits of the former Sultans. House of Wonders is a great place to visit during your stay in Zanzibar.
Zanzibar local guide

Sultan's Palace

A historical building in Stone Town, the Sultan`s Palace is 3-story high, with white walls. You can find it between the House of Wonders and the Old Dispensary (another important landmark in Zanzibar)
It was built in the 19th century for the Sultan`s family. From 1994 serves as a museum that tells the story of Zanzibar royal family. The first floor of the museum is about Sultan Khalifa bin Harub and the second floor is dedicated to Sayyida Salme.
The building is rich in history, a place were Sultans of Zanzibar lived their every day life. The architecture is unique, and combines several styles.
Zanzibar local guide

Freddy Mercury Museum

There are few people in the world that don’t know who is Freddy Mercury but, most of the people don`t know that he is from Zanzibar. He was born in 1946, to Parsi-Indian parents, in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Now, with your trip to the Island, you have the opportunity to visit his birth home, where he lived until the age of 8, and returned until the 1964 revolution.
The Freddy Mercury Museum has a detailed record of his childhood and upbringing in Zanzibar. Visiting the Freddy Mercury Museum, you can find out about his life, his parents, and also details about his Zoroastrian religion.
Zanzibar local guide

Stone Town

Stone Town is maybe the most important Landmark in Zanzibar. Also known as Old Town, this part of the city is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE since 2000. A multicultural place, were you can find people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions, Stone Town will amaze you with it`s architecture. It consists in a maze of narrow alleys, shops, bazaars, mosques and churches. You will hear bells from Christian churches and also the prayers from the Mosques. You can find in the small shops anything you can possibly imagine. Stone Town has it`s own vibe, unique in the world.