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A Guide To Zanzibar


This is the main town of the island and the most built up area you’ll find. Stonetown is so full of history about the slave trade, Freddy Mercury (his birth place is here), architecture and so much more.
The part of Stonetown you are probably the most familiar with from photos is the old town, this part of the town is to the west of the town and backs right on to the edge of the ocean.

African House Sunset Bar in Stonetown

This bar overlooks the ocean and a little park where the locals play football and is the perfect spot for watching the sun sink into the ocean. The views are uninterrupted, and the bar has a lively feel from around 15 minutes before sunset. If you want a front row seat, maybe get here a little earlier.

Forodhani Night Market

This food spot is a complete overload on the senses but with delicious food. The stall owners of the front facing stalls will be quite keen to make a sale to you but get past that and you’ll have some time to look around and decided on what you want. To be honest most stalls are selling one of two things: Zanzibar pizzas or seafood kebabs and the prices don’t seem to vary much.

The pizzas are made from a thin, almost crepe like dough with a variety of toppings of your choice. The seafood kebabs are delicious with a large selection of seafood to choose from including lobster, octopus and tuna.

Nungwi Aquarium

It is actually a turtle sanctuary but this spot on the east of the beach by the lighthouse is worth a stop. Entry will cost you $10 and this helps with the upkeep of the turtles. While there you’ll get your own tour guide who will talk you through all the turtles they have, what they do to protect them and you’ll even be able to feed them seaweed. If you’re visiting at the right time you may even be able to help with the release!

Snorkeling Around Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island is one of the best spots for snorkeling on Zanzibar and is just over an hour by personal shuttle from our hotel. You’ll be offered a trip here by countless people while walking along the beach but booking with our hotel is safer and includes your own personal tour guide. The reef around Mnemba island is pretty large and attracts a fair amount of visitors. The views you’ll get of the island are gorgeous but you won’t be allowed to set foot on it.

Booking With Us

We would love to show you the beauty of our island, our hotel is situation on the beach front with an integrated beach bar and sand beneath your feet. Book today and receive 10% off your booking using the code March10.